Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still Waiting...

I sure do wish I had a Coffee Cup update for you.  Word from Michigan is that Tony and his crew are working diligently to finish up my project in addition to three others.  With the warm weather they are having up there this spring, his RV supply business has gotten busy two months earlier than normal, and that is pulling him away from all the restoration projects.

I can report that the re-wiring has been completed and all the cabinets and interior woodworking are in place.  I zipped him an email this morning to try to gauge how near completion he is.

As we wait, I continue to find neat vintage and retro items that are coffee related.  I have a good idea what she will look like and where I'll place everything once she arrives here in North Carolina.  Until then, here are three more looks at the cool "stuff" I've found.

Have a great weekend everyone...good luck to my favorite golfers at The Masters...happy camping to all my buddies and Happy Easter to all of you!


  1. I know your almost standing on your head with anticipation about your "Coffee Cup". Well maybe you'll hear something soon!

  2. I keep going back and forth from being calm to getting angry. I know that Tony and the guys are simply swamped with trying to get four restorations buttoned up before the end of the month. I hope to hear from him Monday morning. Have a safe trip to Edisto on Sunday!! Sharon

  3. Did I miss what will happen to Splash Tab once the Coffee Cup is delivered?

  4. SplashT@B will be mine forever...she is going nowhere, except camping with me! She'll still be attending T@B rallies and camping with her T@B buddies... Sharon