Sunday, August 31, 2014

Spic & Span Floor

Yesterday while out running errands, I stopped by my local tile and carpet place, Midway Carpet, to get some advice about cleaning and protecting the linoleum floor in The Cup.  This has been on my to-do list for several months and in preparation for upcoming trips, I wanted to get it checked off.

Jane asked me how The Coffee Cup was doing hardly before I could tell her what I needed.  She sure has a great memory, because it was over two years ago that I was there picking out complimentary colors of flooring tile!

I explained to her what I needed and she told me she had just the thing:  a cleaner and polisher made by Congoleum for my type of tile.  I wasn't in the market for a shiny bright floor, just a product to take the scuff marks and dirt off and then a liquid sealer and polisher to protect it.  I've given a fair amount of tours this past year and know that there will be many more, so I want the floor to withstand some traffic.

After mixing the cleaner according to instructions and finding a clean sponge I got to work.  Of course it didn't take very long since the square footage of the floor is minimal, but I still worked up a sweat.  Here's what area under the dinette and in front of the gaucho bed looked like after the cleaning:

After waiting a couple of hours to make sure it was absolutely dry, I applied a thin coat of the polish over the entire surface.  It's really hard to tell much of a difference in this photo, but I can definitely see a difference in person and it certainly qualifies as spic and span!  The instructions say to put a second thin coat on after 45 minutes, so I'll do that later this afternoon.

All my bedding and towels have been washed and dried and the last two remaining tasks are to give the interior a good cleaning and the exterior a soapy bath.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day holiday and until we chat again, always remember . . .

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wishing You A Beautiful Saturday

Mornin' everyone and happy Labor Day weekend!

The Coffee Cup has returned from her little trip up the street to Newsome Tire Service and is safely tucked under her Javaport once again.  I was under the impression that the trouble was with her passenger side brake, but actually it was the driver's side.  

The tremendous heat build up on the passenger side hub wasn't due to the brake hanging up, but from that lone brake having to do all the work to slow down the Scotty.  Unable to replace just the defective magnet, Jimmy ordered a new brake assembly for the driver's side.  They got her all buttoned up yesterday and took her for a test drive.  Jimmy called to say that she was ready to brew some coffee and I could pick her up at my convenience!

I'm looking forward to getting her all ready to hit the road on Wednesday for my little Meet Me @ Mountain Stream gathering. After another cup of coffee on this beautiful Saturday morning, I'm going to pull out the vacuum cleaner, some dust rags, and get to work on her interior.  

Here's wishing you a beautiful Saturday morning and always remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getting Those Brakes Fixed!

These are not the kind of photos I'd like to be sharing with you concerning my sweet Coffee Cup. They are however, the photos that document the work being done on her that is totally necessary to get her roadworthy again!

With less than 3,000 miles under our belt together, a problem developed with the passenger's side brake.  I make it a habit to touch the hubs when I stop on a trip to check for a normal warm temperature.  The last time I did this, that hub was HOT and I knew something was amiss.

Only a mile away is Newsome Tire Center where Jimmy, the owner, can diagnose and fix anything related to tires, brakes, bearings, hubs, etc. That's where we headed on Monday to get this problem remedied.  I was pretty sure it was the brake, but Jimmy said he would check everything while she was jacked up.

Off came the baby moons, off came the wheels, and the investigation began.  Jimmy determined it was the magnet on the electric brakes that was defective and he ordered a new one for me.  The part will be in tomorrow and The Cup will be as good as new in no time flat.  While he's at it, there will be a thorough inspection of the driver's side brakes, bearings,  and hub also. 

After a bath to get her spick and span and some quality time inside doing some cleaning, the Coffee Cup and I will be hitting the road one week from today for a little gathering at Mountain Stream RV Park with friends and then again two weeks after that with the NC Sisters at Jordan Lake State Park.  I CANNOT WAIT!!  Sorry to yell at you, but I'm pretty excited.

I appreciate you dropping by again despite my lack of posts, but at least know you know the reason for the long silence.  Talk to you later friends!