Friday, March 28, 2014

The Coffee Cup Trilogy

With the very first footstep onto YNOT Camper Restoration property in Michigan, I had my camera in hand snapping photos. That documentation of my sweet little Scotty has never stopped.

I knew that I wanted to create a trilogy of books beginning with the very first photos I took, the photos that Tony took during the re-frame, and the photos of The Coffee Cup arriving home and of my first  outings with her.  There were great lulls in between each of the books, but with the arrival of an orange package this past week from Shutterfly, The Coffee Cup Trilogy is now complete.

"Book One . . . love at first sight" featured all the photos I took of this 1973 Scotty Gaucho as she sat on the lot in Jackson, MI.  If you have followed along here, then you got to experience those two days as I made decisions that would lead me into the second phase of the Java Journey.

"Book Two . . . back to life" chronicled the long, long process of The Cup's reframe.  It was a frustrating experience and to be perfectly honest, I had my doubts that I would ever receive the photos that were promised to me.  Eventually, Tony did send them to me and I was able to create the second book in the series.

"Book Three . . . finishing touches" tells the story of the designing and decorating of her interior.  It also includes the very first outing to Cousin Rob's rally and the first official Sisters on the Fly trip to Jekyll Island.  The last photo on the last page of Book Three features a picture of her license plate and a quote that simply says, "And the adventure just begins."

Thanks for dropping by today and until we are out on the road with another Java Journey, just remember . . . .

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fuel For A Daydream

I'm looking outside at the Bradford pears in full bloom, The Coffee Cup sitting contentedly under her Javaport, and the sleet.  Yes, SLEET!!  With Spring being only three days away, there's just something wrong with this picture.  With all the nastiness outside, the only saving grace is to stay inside and daydream about sunny coffee-filled camping days to come.

Here's an interesting coffee cup and recipe to fuel your own daydreams today . . . 

As you daydream about hitting the road for the first trip of the season but are grounded by Mother Nature, just remember that someday soon we'll be saying . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

Friday, March 14, 2014

Birthday Coffee

Today I made a trip down to Fort Mill for a belated birthday celebration with Jessie.  She turned 21 last Thursday, March 6, but we weren't able to get together until today.  Being the chip-off-the-coffee-hound-block that she is, I filled an embroidered canvas bag full of java goodies for her.  That included a big 24-count box of Southern Pecan K-cups, another one of Butter Toffee, a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts, and a cool sleep shirt that I picked up in Florida a couple weeks ago.

Then, much to my surprise, she told me there was a belated birthday present for me too.  Can you guess what it was?  Check this out . . . 

Woohoo . . . Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  We both did a happy little coffee dance and declared that . . .

Life Is Good With Coffee!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bonus Sunshine State Java

When I travel, there are always a few photos that I regret not taking.  On this trip, one of those was of Island Mama's Java just south of St. Augustine.  It looked like one of those funky, local coffee houses that are just cool beyond words.  If down that way again, rest assured, I'll stop.

I forgot to show you another coffee shop, the Village Coffeepot, that we dropped into while visiting Mt. Dora on our way to LaBelle. Since we had just finished a big breakfast at the Lakeside Inn, I only paused to take a photo of the graphics on the door.  The place was buzzing with people, so it was definitely a popular place to start the day.

One place that I did stop was on Sanibel Island at a little shop called the Sanibel Bean.  Believe it or not, I really didn't drop in for coffee, but just to check it out because the parking lot was full. What I found was a neat java joint with an outdoor patio full of folks enjoying a mid-afternoon brew.  But what caught my eye was ice cream . . . espresso chip ice cream to be exact!  The next best thing to an actual cup of coffee is coffee-flavored ice cream of course.

In addition to that ice cream, I picked up a coffee coozie . . . 

. . .  then found a long-sleeved t-shirt in just the right color.

As I was paying, the fellow that scooped up my ice cream, handed me one of their bumper stickers!  I had noticed on the wall near the t-shirts there were dozens and dozens of photos with people holding up this bumper stick from locations around the world and I thought that was right cool . . . I just may have to do the same thing.

I don't go out of my way when traveling to find coffee houses, I just let serendipity take over.  So I would say that my trip to Florida was a great success in terms of java sightings.

As always, thanks for dropping in and I will actually see you again one more day this week.  Before then, just remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

Monday, March 3, 2014

Florida Java Journey

Whether I'm traveling with or without The Coffee Cup, I'm always on the lookout for java joints along the way.  On my recent trip to sunny, warm Florida, I ran across several neat shops and one very cool coffee nightlight.

In St. Mary's, Georgia, I spied this sign.  Isn't "Latte Da's" just the cutest name for a coffee and gelato shop?  If it had been open, I certainly would have stepped in for a lookie-loo.

Down the street was an antiques and gift shop where I spied a coolio coffee cup nightlight.  If I ever drag out my stained glass supplies again, I just might try to recreate this.  At $30, I got a quick case of the cheaps!

Just a few steps away from the nightlight shop was a combination wine and coffee place called The Blue Goose.  That's a pretty nifty combination, don't you think?

While in Mt. Dora, Florida, Becky and I strolled around doing some window shopping.  We found a nice coffee shop called Arbors Gourmet Coffee & More in an arcade.  The more part was a bakery and deli that looked and smelled delicious.  

I stopped back in first thing Thursday morning before leaving and picked up an big ole black and red t-shirt to give to Jessie for her birthday on Thursday, the 6th.  I got an XL on purpose so she can wear it as a sleep shirt.  You can see it hanging up beside the counter and I'll show you the large version on Wednesday when I wish her happy birthday.

I had several more coffee encounters during our ten-day Florida trip and finish the story in a few days.

Even though my Coffee Cup posts are kinda infrequent, I sure do appreciate you dropping by!  Think Spring and always remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good!"