Monday, March 3, 2014

Florida Java Journey

Whether I'm traveling with or without The Coffee Cup, I'm always on the lookout for java joints along the way.  On my recent trip to sunny, warm Florida, I ran across several neat shops and one very cool coffee nightlight.

In St. Mary's, Georgia, I spied this sign.  Isn't "Latte Da's" just the cutest name for a coffee and gelato shop?  If it had been open, I certainly would have stepped in for a lookie-loo.

Down the street was an antiques and gift shop where I spied a coolio coffee cup nightlight.  If I ever drag out my stained glass supplies again, I just might try to recreate this.  At $30, I got a quick case of the cheaps!

Just a few steps away from the nightlight shop was a combination wine and coffee place called The Blue Goose.  That's a pretty nifty combination, don't you think?

While in Mt. Dora, Florida, Becky and I strolled around doing some window shopping.  We found a nice coffee shop called Arbors Gourmet Coffee & More in an arcade.  The more part was a bakery and deli that looked and smelled delicious.  

I stopped back in first thing Thursday morning before leaving and picked up an big ole black and red t-shirt to give to Jessie for her birthday on Thursday, the 6th.  I got an XL on purpose so she can wear it as a sleep shirt.  You can see it hanging up beside the counter and I'll show you the large version on Wednesday when I wish her happy birthday.

I had several more coffee encounters during our ten-day Florida trip and finish the story in a few days.

Even though my Coffee Cup posts are kinda infrequent, I sure do appreciate you dropping by!  Think Spring and always remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good!"

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