Monday, February 27, 2012

Spoonflower Fabrics

While we're waiting on the next batch of Coffee Cup photos to arrive, let me share a really exciting fabric website with you from a company right here in North Carolina.  It's called Spoonflower and is located in Durham.

Spoonflower offers crafters and artists the opportunity to turn their custom designs onto fabric.  You will find the most amazing fabric designs you can imagine.  And if you have a theme, whether it's for a child's bedroom, a beach cottage, a mountain cabin, or a vintage trailer, you'll find so many choices of natural fabrics that it will blow your mind.

I typed the word COFFEE into their search feature and up popped 15 pages of fabrics with a coffee theme.  On each page there were 30 different designs!  The fabric is kinda pricey, but there's no minimum order and you'll have your order in less than two weeks.  Plus you'll never find fabric like this in your local store.

I would dearly love to make a quilt out of these fabrics...

OK, I've had my fun, so it's your turn to head over to Spoonflower to look for your perfect fabric!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Coffee Cup Stuff

Even before I made the trip to Michigan to find my vintage trailer.....even before I signed on the dotted line.....even before my sweet Coffee Cup was a reality, I was finding cool stuff for her!  It seemed that in every antique store, flea market, thrift shop I visited, there was something that would be so totally perfect for the java theme.

I was playing around on Smilebox this afternoon and decided to make several collages of the fun stuff I've found.  Now mind you, this isn't all.....not by a long shot!  But it gives you a good idea of the treasures I'm finding.  As soon as I snap some more photos of my purchases, I'll share another batch of collages with you.

Spring is in the air.....warm weather is right around the corner.....a trip to Michigan to pick up The Cup is getting closer and closer!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everything Vintage

I can spend hours on the internet looking at vintage trailer sites.  There are so many good ones out there, not to mention all that are available on Facebook.

Several months ago we welcomed our first Sister (Sisters On The Fly) from Australia.....Lisa Mora, Sister #2348.  Lisa is the editor and driving force behind a terrific magazine called Vintage Caravan Magazine.  I was so thrilled to find out that I could get back issues of VCM and subscribe to it here in the States.  International shipping isn't cheap, but it's a price I'm willing to pay to get this incredible magazine in my hands.  I pour over each issue, including the advertisements.....LOL!

Here's a quote from Lisa's website that tells you all about this fun publication...

"Vintage Caravan Magazine is the worlds first magazine solely dedicated to vintage, classic, retro-styled and custom caravans and those who love them. Vintage caravanners come from all walks of life and are drawn to vintage caravans for a variety of reasons. Some have nostalgic memories of childhood seaside holidays spent in caravan parks. Some choose a retro van because it looks good behind their prize classic car on its way to a car show campout.

Along with a sense of classic style, lovers of retro caravans take great delight in life’s many wonders – they enjoy adventure, travelling to new destinations, appreciating nature’s beauty and living a life less stressful. Vintage caravanners often also share a passion for classic cars or hot rods and will happily devote countless hours looking after their “toys”. They also have a very keen sense of aesthetic style and an eye for making small spaces look absolutely adorable.

So, Vintage Caravan Magazine is about all of these things; an eclectic collection of stories, pictures, ideas and input from sources who all share something so much more than a passion for caravanning."

Lisa and I have struck up a friendship because of that magazine and SOTF.  I've supplied her with lots of photos and put her in touch with some of my friends here who have the most divine old trailers.  Lisa is planning an all-women issue in the future and wants to include some of our Sister trailers here in the U.S.

So that's all I wanted to chat with you about today.  I haven't had any updates or photos from Tony for the last week or so about my Cup's progress.  While we're waiting for that, we'll just enjoy the stories and pictures from caravans on the other side of the world.....where they just happen be in full summer camping mode!

Check out Lisa's website for magazine information..... 

If you are on Facebook, drop by the Vintage Caravan Magazine page to read the latest on the Australian camping scene.....

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Floor.....New Walls!

Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by to get caught up on the latest Coffee Cup news!  I've got two really exciting things to share with you.  Tony sent me six photos yesterday of the progress on the floor tiles being laid.  And he also included some pictures of the application of blond shellac on the birch walls.

I shared my flooring pattern and tile choices with you last week and here's how they look in The Cup...

Here's a view of the new deck with my tile choices sitting to the right.  The floor tiles will be laid on a 45 degree angle or diamond pattern.

You are looking at the back of the Scotty in this picture and the door is at the upper right-hand side.  The two openings on either side are for the wheel wells.

And here is the upper area, where the majority of the floor tiles are now down.  The wheel wells have been added back and you are still looking at the rear of the camper.  This back area is where the bed will go.
This photo is taken from the front of the Scotty and you can even see the hitch up front and the LP gas holder.

You also get a really good view of the step down area in front of the galley kitchen to your right and the dinette immediately in the front.

This my favorite photo because it shows the tiles in their true color and you really get a sense of the diamond pattern.

These were originally 12-inch tiles, but Tony cut them down to 9 inches.  As soon as the lower portion of the floor is finished, it will be time for the walls to go back in.

In the next two photos, you'll see Tony's son putting fresh coats of blond shellac on the new birch walls.

If you remember earlier pictures during the deconstruction phase, the original walls were in such a poor state due to water damage, insect damage, and dry rot that they needed to be replaced.  In addition, they were made from cheap plywood, so saving them was just not an option.  I requested birch with that golden, buttery, blond shellac finish.  

To quote Tony, "Sharon your floor is a big hit! It's going to really come together, going to be very warm and cozy."  And that's exactly what I was aiming for!  My last picture to share with you is of the walls propped up and drying.

Thanks so much for dropping by on this Friday in February as my little Coffee Cup gets put back together piece by piece.  Have a good weekend everyone and "happy camping" to those of you in warmer climes!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Final Sister Gathering of 2011

This weekend I was piddling around with photos, making sure I have them labeled and burned onto CDs, and updating my database.  I ran across some from a trip I made to Floyd, VA back in October of last year and realized I had not shared them with you here.

I didn't camp with the Sisters that weekend and was only around for Wednesday and Thursday of the gathering. Sue had posted that the campground was full, so I opted to stay over in Floyd, explore the area, and meet up with the Sisters at Daddy Rabbit's Campground for some visiting and supper.

First I'll share two photo collages from the campground...

Sometimes when I travel or camp, I don't mind going by myself because it frees me up to explore, make U-turns, and stop at places that might not interest my traveling companions.  That's the kind of trip this turned out to be.  I headed off in a general direction both Wednesday and Thursday without really having a destination in mind, knowing full well that Jill the GPS would get me back to where I really needed to be.

I found a couple neat coffee houses, two covered bridges, an old courthouse, an incredible fabric shop, some Buffalo China at a dilapidated antique shop, fresh apples at a mountain farmer's market, and some breath-taking fall color at Lover's Leap Overlook.

I took the long way home Friday morning, stopping by one of my favorite places along the Blue Ridge Parkway...Mabry Mill.  The scenery was incredible along the Parkway as I drove towards home.  This will have to go down as one of my favorite trips of 2011!