Friday, February 10, 2012

New Floor.....New Walls!

Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by to get caught up on the latest Coffee Cup news!  I've got two really exciting things to share with you.  Tony sent me six photos yesterday of the progress on the floor tiles being laid.  And he also included some pictures of the application of blond shellac on the birch walls.

I shared my flooring pattern and tile choices with you last week and here's how they look in The Cup...

Here's a view of the new deck with my tile choices sitting to the right.  The floor tiles will be laid on a 45 degree angle or diamond pattern.

You are looking at the back of the Scotty in this picture and the door is at the upper right-hand side.  The two openings on either side are for the wheel wells.

And here is the upper area, where the majority of the floor tiles are now down.  The wheel wells have been added back and you are still looking at the rear of the camper.  This back area is where the bed will go.
This photo is taken from the front of the Scotty and you can even see the hitch up front and the LP gas holder.

You also get a really good view of the step down area in front of the galley kitchen to your right and the dinette immediately in the front.

This my favorite photo because it shows the tiles in their true color and you really get a sense of the diamond pattern.

These were originally 12-inch tiles, but Tony cut them down to 9 inches.  As soon as the lower portion of the floor is finished, it will be time for the walls to go back in.

In the next two photos, you'll see Tony's son putting fresh coats of blond shellac on the new birch walls.

If you remember earlier pictures during the deconstruction phase, the original walls were in such a poor state due to water damage, insect damage, and dry rot that they needed to be replaced.  In addition, they were made from cheap plywood, so saving them was just not an option.  I requested birch with that golden, buttery, blond shellac finish.  

To quote Tony, "Sharon your floor is a big hit! It's going to really come together, going to be very warm and cozy."  And that's exactly what I was aiming for!  My last picture to share with you is of the walls propped up and drying.

Thanks so much for dropping by on this Friday in February as my little Coffee Cup gets put back together piece by piece.  Have a good weekend everyone and "happy camping" to those of you in warmer climes!


  1. This is really looking good. Can't wait until it follows you home!!

  2. Sharon,
    The "Cup" will be a thing of beauty, The Cadillac of Scotties. Can't wait to see the finished product! Will your cabinets, ceiling, etc. match the walls?

  3. Hey Larry...yep, everything will be made with that birch plywood, finished with the blond shellac. She is going to be stunning for sure!! Sharon

  4. That's the answer I was hoping for! It will be like being below in a beautiful yacht. Meant to comment before, GREAT MUSIC!