Monday, February 27, 2012

Spoonflower Fabrics

While we're waiting on the next batch of Coffee Cup photos to arrive, let me share a really exciting fabric website with you from a company right here in North Carolina.  It's called Spoonflower and is located in Durham.

Spoonflower offers crafters and artists the opportunity to turn their custom designs onto fabric.  You will find the most amazing fabric designs you can imagine.  And if you have a theme, whether it's for a child's bedroom, a beach cottage, a mountain cabin, or a vintage trailer, you'll find so many choices of natural fabrics that it will blow your mind.

I typed the word COFFEE into their search feature and up popped 15 pages of fabrics with a coffee theme.  On each page there were 30 different designs!  The fabric is kinda pricey, but there's no minimum order and you'll have your order in less than two weeks.  Plus you'll never find fabric like this in your local store.

I would dearly love to make a quilt out of these fabrics...

OK, I've had my fun, so it's your turn to head over to Spoonflower to look for your perfect fabric!


  1. Really cool site! Thanks for sharing....Sharon! xoxoxooo

  2. Sharon, what have you chosen for cushion fabric?


  3. I'm going with a heavy vinyl that has the texture of leather. Two colors...saddle & cashew with a design that looks like a 50/60's diner. Go back to this post and you'll see...

    Thanks for the note...see you soon! Sharon