Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cabinet Works!

Hey everyone!  It's been several weeks since I had some Coffee Cup restoration photos to share with you.....thanks for being patient.  I, on the other hand, have been chomping at the bit for them.....LOL.

Work is zipping right along and I'm hoping that Tony and the guys will have her all buttoned up soon.  For the last couple weeks, the focus has been on the cabinets and dinette.  Here are the latest photos with comments from Tony...

"Here we are cutting pieces for the cabinets."

"Hey! Let's use this as a template."

"Now that's a wrap!"

"Every cabinet gets a good sanding."

"Here we apply a second coat of finish."

I love the curve of the dinette bench and it's going to be easier to get into the storage area with those hinges on the seats and the little door that will go on the side.  I didn't alter the shape and design of the dinette table or seats, but I did change the cabinet in the galley kitchen and the tall one that houses the AC unit that sits to the left of the door.

If you look at the last photo, you'll see my kitchen cabinet with an opening on the right for the refrigerator, a drawer on the upper left, and the perfect spot for my Luggable Loo below!

Camping season is right around the corner here in North Carolina and I have my fingers crossed that  I'll be headed to Michigan by mid-April and we can hit the road together!  Thanks for stopping by to catch up on my Java Journey.


  1. I just know you are getting excited about the Coffee Cup. I just wish we could be there when you see it the first time! That would be a great picture!!

  2. I'll have to give Bec my camera so she can record it all!