Sunday, February 5, 2012

Final Sister Gathering of 2011

This weekend I was piddling around with photos, making sure I have them labeled and burned onto CDs, and updating my database.  I ran across some from a trip I made to Floyd, VA back in October of last year and realized I had not shared them with you here.

I didn't camp with the Sisters that weekend and was only around for Wednesday and Thursday of the gathering. Sue had posted that the campground was full, so I opted to stay over in Floyd, explore the area, and meet up with the Sisters at Daddy Rabbit's Campground for some visiting and supper.

First I'll share two photo collages from the campground...

Sometimes when I travel or camp, I don't mind going by myself because it frees me up to explore, make U-turns, and stop at places that might not interest my traveling companions.  That's the kind of trip this turned out to be.  I headed off in a general direction both Wednesday and Thursday without really having a destination in mind, knowing full well that Jill the GPS would get me back to where I really needed to be.

I found a couple neat coffee houses, two covered bridges, an old courthouse, an incredible fabric shop, some Buffalo China at a dilapidated antique shop, fresh apples at a mountain farmer's market, and some breath-taking fall color at Lover's Leap Overlook.

I took the long way home Friday morning, stopping by one of my favorite places along the Blue Ridge Parkway...Mabry Mill.  The scenery was incredible along the Parkway as I drove towards home.  This will have to go down as one of my favorite trips of 2011!


  1. Catching up on the Coffee Cup's progress...your before pics are as scary as mine! Sometimes I think all we are buying is the title and the axles. What scares me the most and what I think should be emphasized the most is that most of the vintage trailers that the girls haul around are exactly like the before pics...totally unsafe to be hauling down the road at 65 plus miles per hour. I wish the women trailer groups would talk more about this part of first! Love the new floor btw...

    1. I agree with you totally about the safety issue. It's so easy to get swept up in the excitement of finding an old gal for only a few hundred bucks. Many folks simply slap on a set of new tires, make sure the brakes work and off they go. We always hear the happy tales of vintage trailers on the road, but very seldom hear of the breakdowns, electrical issues, and wrecks out there. Safety first, fun second...absolutely the correct order!!