Tuesday, January 31, 2012

While I'm Waiting...

While I'm waiting on the flooring tiles to come in this week, I'll go ahead and share some more photos with you of The Coffee Cup's transformation in Michigan.  This is from the latest batch of pictures that Tony sent me and once again, I'll include his captions.

"The old deck is removed"

"Here the new deck is in place and the frame has been primed"

"The wheel wells have been re-done"

"Wheel wells are installed"

"The old walls are headed to the dumpster"

"Here are the new walls waiting for installation"

As you can see, we've reached the halfway point and the re-framing and reconstruction have begun.  The first half was the scary part with all the demolition and tear down.  We've turned the corner to the fun part where everything gets put back together again and all my Coffee Cup decisions and decorating touches will come into play.

Thanks for stopping by today to check on my little Scotty's progress.  In my studio, I'm working on a lamp for the dinette table that will involve lots of campy-kitschy coffee items inside an old Ball jar.  I hope to finish that up within the next few days, so drop back in to see the latest news in this most excellent Java Journey!

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