Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flooring Decisions

This week I was able to nail down the exact flooring for The Coffee Cup!  Tony sent some scanned samples via email, but it was next to impossible to make a decision based on those tiny pictures.  When I met with him back in June, I simply had said "alternating black and cashew-colored tiles laid on the diamond".  I know, I was pretty vague.

The inspiration for my floor came from this camper I had seen for sale in California.  The minute I saw their tiles on the deck, I knew I would reproduce it in my Coffee Cup colors.  Here are two photos of that floor....pretty cool, huh?

On Thursday, Becky and I visited our local flooring store in town to be able to see flooring tiles in person.  Originally I was thinking of solid colors, but after seeing the tiles, I decided to go with ones that had a slight pattern, a mottled appearance.  Additionally, I was thinking black, but then I saw one called Mocha.....a dark brown.....and I figured it was kismet!

Becky and I were putting tiles side by side, putting my vinyl dinette samples side by side and it didn't take me too long to make a choice with her help.  The flooring is by Azrock.....a standard vinyl composition tile, commercial grade, 12 x 12......and I love it!!

The darker of the two tiles is called Mocha and is a deeper brown than shows up here.  Think about the color of hot chocolate or a mocha from McDonald's and that would be it.....LOL!  The tile on the right is called Elemental and it has a variety of colors in the java/coffee family.  I can't wait to see it on the Cup's floor!  I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be seeing it next week!!


  1. That's going to look great. I think I am as nearly excited about this "new" camper as you are.

  2. LOL...I'm glad you're excited! The Cup will want to meet The Pod somewhere for some camping this season. That will be great fun! No excuses this summer...we WILL camp together!! Sharon and her Cup