Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Progress In Michigan

I've been chatting with Tony off and on today about a couple of flooring details.  My decision from the git-go was to have alternating colors of linoleum laid on a diamond pattern for the floor.  I was definitely thinking of black and hoping to find a suitable match to the "cashew" color that will be in the vinyl dinette seating.  

Surprisingly, finding the cashew didn't prove to be the problem after all.  The kink in this plan has been that the company supplying the cashew didn't have a black...only dark charcoal.  So I'm waiting to get some samples via email from Tony and make a decision.  I'm fine with the dark charcoal, but I want to see it first before proceeding.

Tony also relayed that the cabinets are being assembled and as soon as the flooring is laid, those cabinets can be installed.  Woohoo......progress in Michigan!

So while I'm waiting on linoleum photos to arrive, let me share a few more pictures and comments.  Hold on to your camper hats for these!!

"Well, she's looking a little bare, but better days are coming!"

"I always feel bad for the displaced critters when we do this."

"Looks like the last pile for the dumpster."

"The skin is off the camper."

"Hey, cool shirt there!"

"Another look at that shirt."

"Now that's what I call 'bare bones' camping."

"One more!"

Wow is right!  The only thing holding up the side walls is a thin strip of wood across the top.  Next step will be to remove the wheel wells, take off the deck, inspect and re-coat the frame, install a new axle, and replace the old deck.  There's DEFINITELY exciting progress in Michigan!!

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