Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homespun Hoedown

SplashT@B, Murphy The Camper Dog and I had one last Sisters on the Fly camping trip in October of 2011.  We pulled out on a rainy Tuesday and drove for 7 hours in wet, drizzly, foggy weather to northeast Alabama, site of the Southern Fried Homespun Hoedown.  Most of the Sisters arrived on Wednesday and avoided the kind of weather I had to endure!

The entire weekend was full of craft sales in the mornings, meeting and greeting and visiting during the day, and potluck meals in the evening. 

Murphy and I went out exploring on Wednesday morning and when we got back, lots more Sisters had rolled in.  And much to my delight, my good T@Bbin buddy, Sue Luke, was parked right beside us in her Roadtrek.  We didn't get to visit much before the rains set in again!

Thursday we awoke to a gorgeous fall day that was an omen for good things to come.  We gathered in the pavilion mid-morning to make twig tables.  After lunch, several of us took the Sequoyah Caverns tour and I was able to take one of my flutes down in the cave and play a bit.  Another potluck supper just as big as Wednesday's rounded out the day.

On Friday we had 30-minute craft demonstrations on a variety of fun topics....altering train cases, watercolor painting, basket-making using t-shirts, quick and easy knitting and more.  And believe it or not, we had time to make a twig basket and eat a catered lunch.  Of course in between those activities, we visited and checked out all the cool vintage trailers.

On Saturday, we traveled to Collinsville for a huge flea market in search of Sister treasures, then went to the Mentone Fall Colorfest.  That evening was the event everyone was waiting for....the People of Walmart Party and a bar-be-que supper catered by Big Bama Jim's.  I wish I could show you more of the outrageous outfits that the Sisters had on, but most of my pictures are close to x-rated!!

Anita Jones-Wallace and her crew of helpers put on a fantastic gathering!  And there's no way I could describe the weekend in just this one Coffee Cup blog.  But if you have some time, I'd love for you to pick up a Postcard each day from HERE to get the whole story.

It was a fun weekend and what made it extra special was the fact that I knew The Coffee Cup was now a reality and I could start using the word "when" instead of the word "if" when I talked about her!

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