Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wishing You A Beautiful Saturday

Mornin' everyone and happy Labor Day weekend!

The Coffee Cup has returned from her little trip up the street to Newsome Tire Service and is safely tucked under her Javaport once again.  I was under the impression that the trouble was with her passenger side brake, but actually it was the driver's side.  

The tremendous heat build up on the passenger side hub wasn't due to the brake hanging up, but from that lone brake having to do all the work to slow down the Scotty.  Unable to replace just the defective magnet, Jimmy ordered a new brake assembly for the driver's side.  They got her all buttoned up yesterday and took her for a test drive.  Jimmy called to say that she was ready to brew some coffee and I could pick her up at my convenience!

I'm looking forward to getting her all ready to hit the road on Wednesday for my little Meet Me @ Mountain Stream gathering. After another cup of coffee on this beautiful Saturday morning, I'm going to pull out the vacuum cleaner, some dust rags, and get to work on her interior.  

Here's wishing you a beautiful Saturday morning and always remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

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