Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getting Those Brakes Fixed!

These are not the kind of photos I'd like to be sharing with you concerning my sweet Coffee Cup. They are however, the photos that document the work being done on her that is totally necessary to get her roadworthy again!

With less than 3,000 miles under our belt together, a problem developed with the passenger's side brake.  I make it a habit to touch the hubs when I stop on a trip to check for a normal warm temperature.  The last time I did this, that hub was HOT and I knew something was amiss.

Only a mile away is Newsome Tire Center where Jimmy, the owner, can diagnose and fix anything related to tires, brakes, bearings, hubs, etc. That's where we headed on Monday to get this problem remedied.  I was pretty sure it was the brake, but Jimmy said he would check everything while she was jacked up.

Off came the baby moons, off came the wheels, and the investigation began.  Jimmy determined it was the magnet on the electric brakes that was defective and he ordered a new one for me.  The part will be in tomorrow and The Cup will be as good as new in no time flat.  While he's at it, there will be a thorough inspection of the driver's side brakes, bearings,  and hub also. 

After a bath to get her spick and span and some quality time inside doing some cleaning, the Coffee Cup and I will be hitting the road one week from today for a little gathering at Mountain Stream RV Park with friends and then again two weeks after that with the NC Sisters at Jordan Lake State Park.  I CANNOT WAIT!!  Sorry to yell at you, but I'm pretty excited.

I appreciate you dropping by again despite my lack of posts, but at least know you know the reason for the long silence.  Talk to you later friends!


  1. Glad it was something that simple. Looking forward to next weekend. See you soon. R

  2. Me too Rob! I was so afraid that I had really cooked something with the heat that had built up. See ya next week...cannot wait!!