Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Coffee "Pot"

I have a bit of news about the little Michigan Scotty that will make her way to North Carolina soon.  She has a new paint job and her windows are in.  As soon as the trim is applied, the electrical is buttoned up, and all systems are tested, she should be ready to come home!

While I continue to wait for The Coffee Cup's arrival, I still am finding fun projects to do to keep my mind off the extraordinary amount of time this is taking and to keep my impatience level to a minimum!

I have a Luggable Loo for the T@B that I convenient, so practical.  When I was at Lowe's several weeks ago and saw a 5 gallon paint bucket on sale for less than $3.00, I knew it was time for a homemade version for The Coffee Cup.  That was the inspiration for The Coffee Pot....."pot", get it?  LOL!!

I snitched SplashT@B's loo-lid to show my starting point.....

I also found some funky Duck Tape on sale that reminded me of coffee beans.....

Add some gold letters from A.C. Moore, add the Duck Tape, and VOILA.....The Coffee Pot!!

One evening last week while online, I saw a great idea for a toilet paper container for empty coffee can.  PERFECT!!  A trip to the grocery store yesterday netted me this cool can.  After saving the coffee and cleaning out the tin, I have the perfect place to store toilet paper and it comes with a lid!

Here's the winning combination.....wicked cool huh?!?!

I have another project I hope to start this trailer lights.  Check back by the first of next week to see those results!

           "Camping & Coffee...Life Is Good"


  1. Hey S1 Remember I told you we made a leopard loo? Now they're kinda twins!!!! sick I know S3