Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Perfect Fit

One of the biggest question marks hanging over my Java Journey from the very beginning was this:  Will The Coffee Cup fit into my carport?  I measured side to side and top to bottom dozens of times.  I measured the Scotty on my first trip to Michigan in June of 2011.  If my calculations and measurements were correct, the answer would be yes . . . just barely, but yes.

The big unknown factor was the height of the Fantastic Fan's dome on the roof.  Tony told me it was about four inches, so I knew it would be tight.  This morning, my friend George-who-can-do-everything, came over to lend a hand.  First order of business was to remove the corner braces from the right side of the carport.

A Sawzall made quick work of it.  Then we unhitched from the Pilot, slid the trailer dolly under The Cup, and moved her around in order to back into the carport.  It was the moment of truth!  Inch by inch we pushed her back, stopping to check the Fantastic Fan dome, and then pushing a bit more.  My numbers were correct . . . whoohoo!  We had a whopping 1 1/2 inches to spare!!

Tom's Gorilla safety lock is on, the stabilizers down, and chocks in place.  It's time for her long winter nap and time for me to start playing house.  Over the next days and weeks as weather permits, I'll be pulling out all my coffee goodies so the decorating can begin!

For a long time I've dreamed about looking out my window and seeing her parked in the carport.  Here's that view:

Thanks for stopping by today and have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

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  1. HAHA. This reminds me of when we brought R&T's Pod home for the first time. It also involved tape measures, ladders, but fortunately no saw-z-alls were needed. Rob