Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ready For The First Night

Since The Coffee Cup is parked outside under the carport and our first scheduled camping trip isn't until March, I've had the luxury of decorating and playing house at my leisure.  On Monday, I headed to Hickory to pick up the mattress that I ordered two weeks ago.

I had a great debate with myself about which size to purchase. The Cup is 84" wide, so I knew that a regular twin would fit easily. However, an extra long twin at 80" would fit well too.

The width didn't play into the decision because the gaucho couch pulls out to almost 46 inches and a twin mattress measures 38".

So . . .  did I want a nice tight fit or would I like a little space to hang my feet off a bit?  Did I want to wrestle with the mattress trying to get sheets on with little way to raise the corners or would some extra room at the top and bottom make it easier to pull up the corner of the bed?

Easy is always better when camping, so I chose the regular twin.

The next step was to go shopping.  There are several mattress stores nearby and I sure found a variety to choose from.  The prices were all over the place too. I ruled out one with coils right off the bat.  

I found a nice firm, light-weight, foam Sealy mattress that jumped to the top of my list.  At a third store the saleslady wanted to know the prices of all the others I had seen and then questioned those prices saying they couldn't possibly be correct.  I scratched that place off my list!

In the end, I got the Sealy and picked it up this past Monday.  It fit perfectly in the Pilot and I knew it would be a perfect fit in The Coffee Cup.  It was so light that I lifted it up by the plastic!

It was also flexible enough that I slid it through the door and onto the gaucho.

I snitched my mattress topper out of SplashT@B to see how that would work.  Once again it was a perfect fit.  My oh my, there's going to be some good sleeping going on in The Cup!

On one of my shopping trips during The Long Wait, I found a set of sheets on sale at IKEA that was beige with white dots . . . perfect!  All I can say is that I sure am glad I went with a regular twin.  It still wasn't easy putting the sheets on those back corners though.

On one of my junkin' trips with Becky, I scored a 1940's quilt with a basket pattern.  It was another case of knowing it would be just right in the Scotty.  I love the white background and the pastel-colored baskets . . . it's a nice contrast to the birch that's everywhere.

I still have to make window curtains, two chenille pillows, and a crazy quilt throw with the coffee fabric I've been collecting.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is in the repair shop, so those projects probably won't be started until January.  That's OK because I don't need to add anything more to my Christmas plate and will need things to do when those long winter months set it!

Thanks for stopping by today to get an update on my sweet Coffee Cup.  

"Camping, Coffee, and Christmas . . . 
Life Is Good!"

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