Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage Marshmallow Tin

Over the weekend, Sister Becky and I enjoyed a spectacular autumn Saturday in the mountains of western North Carolina. When we pulled onto I-40 heading west after breakfast, we had no idea where we were going.  Our plan was to let the day unfold into full-blown serendipity.

Because of our decision to take Exit 44 off the interstate and travel through the communities of Canton and Clyde, we came upon a nondescript antique mall.  We almost missed it because of a huge flea market across the street.  One u-turn later, we were in for a treat . . . one of the best antique malls we have ever been to!

We saw LOTS of interesting items that fell into the categories that we love . . . spun-cotton Christmas ornaments and Putz houses for Becky and camping and coffee items for me.  When the proprietor asked if we were looking for anything in particular, I said "Girl and Boy Scout items."  I'm currently searching for the round patches that were sewn onto sashes and uniforms.

What I spied among the items she located for me was totally different though . . . a small, round, vintage tin for marshmallows!!   

Not knowing anything about its age or history, I hesitated on the purchase.  Plus, the price was a bit steep too.  Becky kept saying things like "You need this!" and "If you don't get it you'll regret it!" and "You HAVE to buy this!"  Inwardly I was agreeing with everything she said.

The owner pulled out a calculator, did some number crunching, and said she could take 20% off the price.  DONE AND DONE!! 

This little 1920's-era tin will pair nicely with the bigger Campfire Marshmallow tin that I found during the 2012 Blue Ridge Rally and will look equally cool in The Coffee Cup or SplashT@B.

Thanks for coming around today, have a wonderful autumn week and always remember . . . 

"Camping, Coffee and Vintage Tins . . .
Life Is Good"


  1. That is absolutely precious! I camped with Sandi and John O' Connor and she has the big Campfire tin too.I'm loving the blue on your new find though.

  2. How cool! I've never seen one like this anywhere! Glad you listened to Becky. And I want the address of that antique mall! <3 S3