Friday, September 12, 2014

Two Rescued Stools

A year or so ago, my next door neighbor had a yard sale.  There was a pair of sturdy little yellow stools that didn't sell and when I expressed an interest in them, she said I could have them!  They sat and sat and sat inside the storage shed out in the carport gathering dust since then.

During my recent carport cleaning frenzy, I pulled them out and decided that a Coffee Cup project was called for.  So I cleaned off all the dust and spiderwebs, made a trip to Lowes, and picked out a caramel color to match The Cup.

Not wanting to get paint on anything, I did my spraying in the yard away from the house and simply balanced one on top of the other.  Despite a steady breeze, they were easily covered.

My options for the top included a coffee-themed mosaic pattern, painted pattern, or papered pattern.  I really was leaning towards the mosaics because I love the whole process of breaking up plates and turning them into art.  Knowing that would add considerable weight to the stools and time to the project, I dismissed that option.  Drawing and painting a design on top would have been fun too, but lots of work and time would have been needed once again.

Then I remembered the coffee calendar pages that I have . . . 36 of them to be exact.  It was a matter of thumbing through all and narrowing the choice to two.  Out came the Mod Podge, out came the polyurethane, and the project was completed in two short days.  

I took them with me to Mountain Stream last weekend and used them not for sitting, but for side tables. They were the perfect height and weight I might add.  For the price of one can of spray paint, these two little rescued stools were a sweet addition to The Coffee Cup's decor.

Thanks for dropping by today and until we chat again, always remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"


  1. Love those little stools...aka: side tables! Glad they're light weight. Perfect decorative touches, too. :-)

  2. A perfect pair! Great job!