Sunday, November 27, 2011

Michigan Bound

On Monday, June 28th, Becky and I took off on a road trip to Michigan...Jackson, MI to be exact.  The only two objectives for this jaunt were:  1) meet Tony at Y-Not Camper Restoration and 2) pick out a little camper.  Two decisions had already been made:  1) I would choose either a Shasta Compact or a Serro Scotty Sportsman  2) I would have Tony do a re-frame instead of a repair or restoration.

My excitement level was kinda off the chart and Becky will tell you I was experiencing a small anxiety attack on the drive north.  It's funny now, but it was so real and actually kinda frightening then! 

What in the world was I doing?  Going to Michigan?  Picking out a vintage trailer from a perfect stranger? Trusting him to bring it back to life while I was hundreds of miles away?  OMG...can you say CRAZY LADY?

When we drove up to Tony's place, we saw dozens of campers sitting both inside and outside his lot.  It didn't take very long for me to go into total overload!  I proceeded to spend the next three or four hours looking at them all, but zeroing in on the Shastas and Scotties.  At one point, Both Tony and Becky went back inside to leave me to my madness!

When it was all said and done, I picked out a 13' 1973, Scotty Gaucho.  She was wedged tightly in between another Scotty and a Shasta, but we were able to push and pull them around enough to let me inside.  I measured...I drew pictures...I took notes...I jotted down ideas.  

When we finally took off, I was loaded down with books of fabric and vinyl samples to look at and hopefully make some decisions about with Becky's help that evening at the motel.  I had all my measurements and drawings, notes and day dreams and I needed to translate them into something that I could leave with Tony on Wednesday.  What a day!  I was yet another step closer to the realization of my Coffee Cup Dream!!

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