Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Java Port Is Ready

Greetings on this gorgeous Sunday in September!  Around here there's a coolness in the air and finally, a hint of fall.  Bring it on!!

After church this morning, I moved the Miata, grabbed a broom, and began work on the new Java Port.  One of the reasons I chose the wee Scotty over other vintage campers was her size.  At less than 8 feet tall and hardly wider than the Pilot, I knew that she would fit in my carport.  That was a huge factor in the decision to get a vintage trailer.

I want to be able to look outside and see her!  I want to be able to walk right outside and touch her.  I want to be able to take an afternoon nap or read in her.  Gee whiz, I want to be able to camp in the carport if I want to!!

So from 9:30 to just before kick-off of the Saints and Redskins' game, I moved stuff, rearranged stuff, threw away stuff, and swept.  Here's The Coffee Cup's very own Java Port . . . 

A few weeks ago, Becky and I met Toolbelt Sue and Rich in Lexington for lunch and a sweet purchase.  Because The Cup won't have a jockey wheel like SplashT@B, I will need a way to get her turned around in the driveway and tucked in nicely beside the Pilot.  Sue offered to sell me her trailer dolly for an incredible price and I jumped on it!

Another item I took care of a weeks ago was to have a dedicated electrical outlet installed so The Cup could get some go-go-juice.  My favorite electrician, Greg King, had it installed in a snap!  It's conveniently located and will allow me to keep the battery charged.

Java Port . . . check.
Trailer dolly . . . check
Go-go-juice outlet . . . check
Ready for The Coffee Cup to come home . . . check and check!

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