Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Perfect Little Lamp

I was soooooo in hopes that I would be picking up The Coffee Cup this weekend and having her in time for Fun In The Fall 2 next week in Bluff City, TN.  My phone calls to Tony are going straight to the answering machine and so I believe he has closed up shop and is taking a Labor Day holiday.  Heavy sigh.....

To keep my frustration down to a manageable level and to think positive thoughts, I went shopping.  This past Saturday while out junkin' with my sister Becky, I found the perfect lamp.  It looks like an old coffee mill and will be just the right size for my little dinette.   It was only $7.00 and it worked when I plugged it in, so there was absolutely no way I could pass it up!

The only thing missing was a shade and I was confident I could find one.  To keep the frugal theme going, I went to WalMart with lamp and bulb in hand.  I "tried on" every one and they were either too big, too little, wrong color, or just plain ugly.

I spied a boxed set (lamp + shade) sitting on the bottom shelf and its cost was less than a single shade.  With nothing to lose, I opened it up and VOILA, I found the perfect shade!  Does anyone need a nice lamp base that's missing a shade?  LOL!

It's not round or square, but rectangular and that will look good pushed close to the window.  Take a look...


I hope I get to show you this sweet lamp as it sits on The Coffee Cup's dinette sometime really soon!  Thanks for stopping by and I'd appreciate as many positive thoughts as you can send my way!!

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  1. That shade is perfect! I get so frustrated shopping for shades. You're right, buying a whole lamp is cheaper.

    Crystal and Daisy T@Baker