Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Coffee Scoop & A Soft Blanket

I had to take the Pilot in to the Honda service department for a recall notice yesterday and it was a great excuse to visit one of my favorite nearby junkin' places.  Wendy went along for the ride and it was her first visit to Old Mill Street Antique Mall in Cornelius.

Within minutes of strolling up and down the aisles, I spotted a very soft, flannel blanket.  It had pastel colors and was in pristine shape.  With a price tag of $9, I seriously considered getting it, but I put it back on the shelf.  I ended up walking back to it two more times before deciding I needed it for The Cup to go along with the pastel-colored quilt on the bed.  It will be another nice contrast to all the java colors!  Wendy used the phrase "You'll regret not getting it" on me just like Becky does . . . LOL!  That works every time!

I was hoping as usual to find some Raffiaware or Melmac, but didn't see one single piece.  Wendy, however, spied a very neat coffee scoop in a basket of kitchen items.  Upon close inspection, it was made of metal, had the name of the store, and the brand of coffee on it . . . Winzeler's Royal Crest.  For $4, it was a great find for The Coffee Cup!

I did a bit of research and found that brothers Robert and James Winzeler co-owned Winzeler Bros. Store was in Morenci, MI back in the 1950's and the coffee was Royal Crest Coffee.  Wouldn't you just love to know how it journeyed from there to North Carolina?

"Camping, Coffee, and Two Unexpected Finds . . . Life Is Good!"

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  1. That blanket looks like the type that we used to call "sheet blankets" because they're thin but are soft and cozy. My parents had several at their river-front cottage along the Ohio. When mom sold the place, the old quilts and sheet blankets went with the cabin. Now I could kick myself for not getting out half the stuff that was in there!