Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun In The Fall

September rolled around and it was time to join Sisters On The Fly once again for a little Fun In The Fall.  Tennessee Sharon, Sister #508 , organized a small gathering in Bluff City, TN.  This was an area I had never visited, so I was looking forward to some exploration and playing tourist.  We camped at Lakeview RV Resort and I enjoyed a prime spot on the lake. 

There were only 17 of us in attendance, but I loved that because I got to meet and really get to know everyone there.  I came away from Tybee Island realizing I had met or spoken to not even half of the Sisters there!  Furthermore, several of the folks I did know from Tybee were coming here and two of them were bringing some really special trailers with them...Rebecca's Bookmobile and Sharon's Gypsy Road Wagon.  And if that weren't enough, they were parked on either side of me!

Sharon didn't have a jam-packed schedule for us, so that meant we had lots of time to be spontaneous and hang out together.  So what did we do?

On Friday morning we boarded two pontoon boats and cruised around Holston Lake looking at the houses and spotting wildlife along the way.

We piled into a couple of cars and headed to the Bluff City Diner for lunch.  Starting on the left, that's Sue, then Karen, Betsy, Irene and Rebecca.  It was some mighty fine down-home eats and the Pink Lady Pie for dessert was divine!

We spent the afternoon junkin' over in Jonesborough.  I searched for items for The Coffee Cup, but didn't find any bargains.  I did stop for a cup of coffee in a funky place and got a couple business cards to use for a project.

Saturday morning, many of us went to the big flea market across the street.  It was mostly junk in my opinion, but Betsy scored an incredible pair of chairs and a matching table for her little Traveling Hostess Scotty!  I think she bought a microwave too!

I enjoyed an afternoon of poking my nose in the girl's trailers, taking photos and getting ideas for The Coffee Cup and of course, VISITING!

Sue led the way to the Carter Family Fold that evening where we heard some toe-tapping bluegrass music.  It didn't take too much persuasion before a bunch of the Sisters were on the dance floor! It was a great evening with friends.

Sadly, my second camping trip with the Sisters came to an end on Sunday.  Before heading home, Rebecca cooked a big Southern breakfast for us beside the Bookmobile.  That was a perfect ending to a fabulous weekend of vintage trailers, evening campfires, potluck suppers, sharing the news of my Coffee Cup, and getting to know some of the fabulous women who are a part of this organization!

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