Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Handshake And A Dream

I spent two days with Tony at Y-Not Camper Restorations...asking questions, snapping photos, taking measurements and jotting down notes on my wish list.  Becky and Tony indulged my obsessiveness for those two days and that allowed me to take all the time I needed.  On Wednesday afternoon, I handed Tony my wish list, we shook hands to seal the deal, and Becky and I headed south towards North Carolina.

Piece by piece, my Coffee Cup daydream was falling into place.  Next would come a long three-month wait to get Tony's estimate for re-framing the Scotty.   At that point I would have to make the ultimate decision to go ahead with this project or start the search again.

I spent the entire trip home bouncing ideas off of Bec.  We discussed every detail, every decision to be made.  And as she drove, I continued to scribble notes.  This most excellent Java Journey was getting closer and closer to reality!

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