Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let The Decorating Begin!

With the hard decisions behind me, it was time to start making the fun decisions...decorating!  

I had tossed around several ideas for themes....Native American, using ideas from my travels out west....Kokopelli, using my flutes for, playing off my obsession with java....crows and stars, taken from my love of primitive country.  Each of these scenarios would have made for a very cool camper.  They would have fit in well with my color scheme of earthy tones.  It was just a matter of choosing.  I kept coming back around to coffee and that's how The Coffee Cup came to be!

Here's some of the fun I've had....

I bought a pillow case made with these three fabrics when I was in Tybee Island.  The Sister that was selling it had only one, but I bought it anyway.  I didn't get it to actually put on a pillow, I got it because I loved the colors, the coffee beans and java cups, and it planted the seed for the future Coffee Cup.  I'll use it for curtains and pillows.

On Tuesday when Becky and I were in Jackson meeting with Tony, he sent several books with us that contained vinyl fabrics.  After much deliberation and help from Becky, I chose these two vinyl colors.  The one of the left is called cashew and the one on the right is called saddle.  This fabric will go on the two dinette seats.  The lighter cashew will be featured in a V on the back cushions and will also be used for piping on everything.

It wasn't long until I started seeing retro tin signs with coffee themes.  These are not vintage, so they are very affordable and I plan to use them on the cabinet doors as insets.  I'm finding them on eBay, in gift shops, and antique malls.  There are dozens of sizes and colors.  I did an internet search and have a pretty good idea of what's available.  That's made it easy to pick the ones I really, really want.  These are the ones I have gotten so far and I'll probably pick up a couple more along the way.

I have really debated about what kind of decal or drawing I will have on the side of The Coffee Cup.  I've found many, many coffee cliparts and designs, but I kept coming back to this one.

I love the heart shape made by the steam coming out of the cup.  And the two coffee bean wheels are precious.  

All in all, it think it's a great design, the colors are perfect, and it will fit nicely to the left of the door.  I'm also snitching an idea from Sister Rebecca and her Bookmobile and having this saying put over the front window....

"Coffee and Camping....Life Is Good"

I've collected oodles and oodles of other stuff, and  currently have a bunch of artsy-fartsy Coffee Cup Projects in progress...a bed tray with business cards and menus on top....a little table lamp with C-O-F-F-E-E spelled out using children's blocks....three train cases to alter....a 1940's wooden tabletop radio that I'm retro-fitting with speakers and my iPod.

Thanks to friends who have saved and collected coffee items for me, I've got lots to do over the winter months before The Coffee Cup comes home to North Carolina in the spring!  Am I having java fun or what!!


  1. It sounds fantastic, can't wait to see the final product. I hope you'll be bringing the coffee to Tybee! Sandi

  2. <3 the logo! It's a keeper... thanks for sharing the process - it's fun for those of us still looking!