Saturday, December 10, 2011

Such Pleasing Lines

Even though this Scotty Sportsman is quite small, I immediately loved her lines ... simple gentle curves both inside and out.

Two graceful curves on the dinette benches compliment the table itself, as well as the hidden storage behind the cushion.

Each cabinet door was trimmed with a width of plastic that I hope to paint black.  I think it will set the doors off and it plays well into my decorating scheme.

I particularly love the little door hinges and latches that have an art deco vibe to them.  Once cleaned and polished, I think they will look exceptional.

The storage nooks above the rear gaucho couch are simple and functional also.  I like the front edge that will hold things in place like my train case.  I also love the fact that they are on both sides of the Scotty.

Outside, there are just as many pleasing lines ... the traditional Scotty curve at the wheel well,  the arrowhead light covers, the jalousie windows that open and close with a turn of the handle.

There are so many linear features of this little Coffee Cup that I find pleasing.  It's going to be so exciting to see them restored and be able to run my hands over them!

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  1. Great to get caught up on The Coffe Cup adventure. Can't wait til you bring her/him (?) home and to the next Sisters event when I can do the grand tour. I know it will be great... I've seen your Pinterest design ideas!

    Happy Holidays.