Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Coffee Cup Project?

As if I don't have enough Coffee Cup, Blue Ridge Rally, and SplashT@B projects rattling around in my head, I found this uber-cool cross stitched tablecloth on Pinterest this morning!  

After a bit of searching, I located the pattern and it was FREE! Many free patterns online are so low in resolution that they don't print well.  This one is 2470 x 2656, 2.8 MB in size, meaning it will print out nicely and be easy to read.  The big question mark here is whether or not my cranky fingers will co-operate and let me do the stitching.  

I've got some painter's cloths that would make the perfect background.  I just need to see what the threads look like and if I can adapt it to cross stitch.  If it works, I see a card table-sized tablecloth in my future!  Stay tuned.

"Camping, Coffee, & Cross Stitch . . . 
Life Is Good!"

1 comment:

  1. So nice tablecloth! I love your idea to make it using cream canvas!