Monday, January 7, 2013

Keeper Of The Keys

Happy New Year all you glampers, campers, Sistas & T@Bbers!  I hope you are off to a good start in 2013.  The Coffee Cup is enjoying the new year parked under her Javaport out of the elements and I'm daydreaming about camping trips for the season.

Once I got her home and collected all the keys for the door, storage compartment, hitch lock, and trailer pin, I knew that I wouldn't settle for just any old keychain.  I was thinking it would be kinda cool to find a keychain with a scottie dog on it.  So I poked around the internet and came across the PERFECT one!

Do any of you remember the hard plastic puzzles from the 50's that were shaped like cars, elephants, guns, and SCOTTIES?  When I found some on eBay, it sparked a memory from my childhood and I believe I must have played with one.  In doing a bit of research, I found that some were made from Bakelite and others just hard plastic.  They were often sold in dime stores and some even came out of vending machines much like gum.  They weren't very big; they often measured just an inch by an inch.

The ones I found online still had the little linked keychain and they came apart in upwards of a dozen colorful pieces.  The prices ranged from just a few bucks to almost thirty.  I waited for a good one to come up in auction and bought it for just $5.00!  

Without a doubt, it's a unique way to keep all my Coffee Cup keys together!  

You might be wondering if I'm tempted to take it apart and then try to solve the scottie puzzle . . . no way . . . LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by to check on The Cup and remember  . . . 

"Camping, Coffee & Scottie Keychains . . . 
Life Is Good!"

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