Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Playing House Continued

Mornin' everyone!  Thanks for stepping back into The Cup with me again today to see what's new.  With four housekeeping chores out of the way yesterday, I'm ready to tell you about five more.

5.  We have a wonderful thrift store downtown, run by a local retirement center, that I donate items to from time to time.  I try to visit every few months just to see what's available and on one of those visits last fall, I found a cute piece of artwork.  It had five colorful coffee cups stacked on top of each other, was light as a feather, and had the whopping price tag of $1.00.  It was a no-brainer!  

6.  While in Michigan, Tony installed a mount on the backside of the cabinet to hold a small flat-screen TV that would tilt and swivel into multiple positions.  He tucked a cable and electrical outlet in an out-of-the-way place too.  While Becky and I were out last Saturday running errands, we stopped by Radio Shack to get necessary supplies: indoor cable, digital antenna, 25' of outdoor cable.  Hooking everything up was a breeze and in no time at all, I had a perfect signal!

7.  Way way back at the beginning of this whole Java Journey, I found a gorgeous placemat at a general store in Jefferson, NC. They only had one, but that was OK because I can generally locate anything I want online.  I did find the source of that placemat, loved the colors, knew they would look great in the Scotty, and proceeded to get another placemat, four dish towels, two pillows and a throw!  

8.  I have the BEST camping buddies in the world and for the last year and a half, they have surprised me with little coffee gifts. One of my all-time favorites is a ceramic mug that says "You asked for half a cup of coffee!" and you guessed it . . . it's only half of a coffee cup with a flat back!  When Becky and I were at Cabela's in Michigan, I got a sweet little candle in a tiny enamel cup.  They both sit in front of my favorite cups on top of the microwave.

9.  Finally, I want to show you what my dinette table looks like. Look for Vivian's tablecloth, the scottie dog Wendy gave me, the COFFEE CUP sign made with license plate letters from the Country Living Fair, the cool coffee grinder lamp I scored for $7.00, the coasters made from Scrabble tiles, Maxwell the Coffee Hound, and the salt-n-pepper birthday present from Becky.  It's such a cool tablescape if I must say so! 

Now you should have a pretty good idea of why I had so much fun playing house this past weekend.  I cannot WAIT to take the java journey to Charleston for Easter break and show her off to all my friends.

Thanks for stopping by on this rainy January day in Newton and remember . . .

"Camping, Coffee, and Still Playing House . . . Life Is Good!"


  1. Looks like you are having so much fun. Next thing will be to go to Camp Driveway for an overnighter! Rob

  2. If it hadn't been so drippy humid over the weekend, I would have been right there!