Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing The Waiting Game

I had my membership certificate in hand, I had my official patch in hand.  What I didn't have was a Sister Experience!

After learning about a big Sister gathering on Tybee Island in April, I immediately contacted Anita (Sister #440 from GA) to register.  What I didn't know was that it was full and my name would go on a waiting list.  So I waited throughout November.  I waited all through December.  I got my official SOTF Christmas card and still I waited.

And then the email arrived in late December!  There had been several cancellations and I had moved up to the list to take one of those spots.  Tybee here I come...or so I thought.  Next I had to contact River's End Campground to see if there were any sites available.  I must have had some good camping karma going on, because I snagged the very last site they had!

But now the real wait began...January, February, seemed endless.  So I spent my time reading blogs, visiting vintage trailer websites, downloading pictures, learning all about these adorable trailers...and waiting.  This leg of my Java Journey was spent playing the waiting game!

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