Friday, February 15, 2013

Fantastic Finds

It was a great week in terms of finding some really fantastic items for The Coffee Cup!

On Wednesday, while junkin' in Sanford with Sue, Susan, Terry, and Becky, I found a precious bakelite scottie napkin ring.  They had a second one but it was green and besides, I couldn't afford to buy two.  So I chose the yellow.  If I ever find another yellow, or if I happen to see a brown one, then I'll spring for it in order to have a pair.

After leaving the Sanford Antique Mall, we walked down the street to an arts and crafts gallery and I spotted a little spoon rest for just two dollars . . . perfect for resting a coffee cup spoon!

We parked in downtown Pittsboro on our way back home and Susan showed us a set of four, red, folding metal trays that she has had her eye on.  They came with a nice holder allowing them to sit upright and together when not in use.  Initially the price was $60, but this time around it was marked down to $48.  Hmmmm . . . you could see Susan's mind at work . . . it's that red thing she has going on.

Wheeler-dealer Sue stepped in and asked if they would take $40 and the owner agreed!  Susan said she only needed two, so I jumped in and said I'd buy the extra two.  VOILA . . . a nice little pair of outdoor folding tables to go along with my wooden camp chairs!

Red really isn't a color in The Cup's decorating palate, so I'll need to make a decision at some point about painting them or not.  In all probability, I'll just make a nice tablecloth for the pair from some of the coffee fabric I have.  I'm thinking that the fabric Ella gave me would be perfect!

On the way home from our visit with our T@Bbin' buddies, Becky and I stopped in Collector's Antique Mall in Asheboro to check it out for another Girl's Day.  35,000 square feet of our favorite kind of stuff greeted us.  If you drop back in tomorrow, I'll share a really exciting find and purchase I made for my sweet Coffee Cup!

Thanks for your visit today and I'll chat with you tomorrow!!  Remember . . . 

"Camping, Coffee and Fantastic Finds . . . 
Life Is Good!"

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  1. Could you cover the tray with a cute fabric and Mod Podge? Or maybe paint it and then Mod Podge some coffee cut outs from the scrapbook section of a craft store. I always wanted to pod modge or paint a place setting on a tray, complete with placemats.