Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey everyone . . . I hope you had an excellent weekend!

Becky and I spent our weekly Saturday-junkin'-fest in nearby Gaston County.  Even though we didn't come home with a carload of treasures, I did find something special . . . a ribbed, plastic Raffiaware cup in Coffee Cup colors!

During the Long Wait, I was picking up pieces of dinnerware and glasses here and there for The Coffee Cup.  Initially I thought I wanted real china and glass, but have changed my mind since getting her home to Newton.  

Instead, I want to outfit my little java kitchen with vintage plastic dinnerware and accessories.  In particular, I'm hoping to find brown Melmac/Melamine plates, bowls, and such.  As for drinking vessels, I'm searching for Raffiaware that is ribbed like the piece I bought Saturday or the ones with burlap or straw inside like these . . . 

I've looked and looked online for the history of Raffiaware by Thermo-Temp and can only tell you that it was made by the Mallory Randall Corp. out of Chicago in the 1950s and '60s.  I believe the insulated glasses and mugs with the burlap (sometimes called "straw" in the ads) are the precursors to our modern-day Tervis Tumblers.

I ran across some vintage advertisements talking about them being sold at Sears and also given away as promotions at supermarkets.  Several blogs I found said that because of them being plastic, they have often been thrown away over the years and not considered desirable or collectible.  I paid $1 for my cup and saw another peach-colored one during the day, also for a dollar.  

I've browsed the auctions on eBay and have found many sets and pieces.  I've also looked on ETSY and have found more of the same.  But before I purchase them online and pay for shipping, I'd like to shop around on our Saturday outings for them.  I'm looking for chocolate brown items and only need a pair of each.

So the hunt is afoot, let the fun begin.  I'll let you in on any and all pieces I discover!  Have a good week y'all and remember . . .

"Camping, Coffee and Vintage Dinnerware . . .
Life Is Good!"


  1. A antique store woman told me the Raffiaware was sold at IGA stores here in Kansas.

  2. I have a set of 10 coffee mugs & I love em, they get constant use in winter