Saturday, February 16, 2013

Melmac Madness

Greetings on this Saturday in Newton.  Our weathermen and women predicted snow for this morning, but as I look out my window, I see no such thing . . . nada, not one flake.  That's actually OK since I'm off to the fitness center in about an hour and a half and then have errands to run.

Yesterday I shared a few fantastic finds for The Coffee Cup with you and today I want you to see the Raffiaware glasses and Melmac piece I uncovered at the Collector's Antique Mall in Asheboro.

I was poking around in cabinets and looking high and low on shelves when I spotted a big collection of Raffiaware glasses.  I picked through them and found two of everything with the brown band around the top . . . two tumblers, two mugs, and two juice glasses.

They are lightweight, insulated, and I'm in love with that kitschy straw inside!  I'm still looking for one more ribbed one to complete my set.  

While upstairs in a room with bicycles, Goodyear tires, typewriters, and tobacco drying baskets, I spied a little piece of brown Melmac sitting in a bookcase in the corner.  Upon inspection, it was a sugar bowl.  The price tag was faded completely white, so I had no idea how much the seller wanted for it.  When I checked out, the clerk said, "How about two dollars?" . . . music to my ears!

Now the quest is on to find the matching creamer and then some plates.  I've always said that the hunt is great fun.

I'm not sure if Becky and I are going junkin' today . . . I haven't chatted with her this morning.  But it's Saturday and seems only natural that we keep with tradition.  Check back in tomorrow for a report and remember . . . 

"Coffee, Camping and Cool Pieces of Melmac . . . Life Is Good!"

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