Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Great Scotty Thursday

Darting around the campground all weekend was a precious kitten. It wasn't afraid of all the pups and it would jump on the lap of anyone who was willing to let it cuddle.  I am not much of a cat person, but I must admit it was pretty cute.  Trisha was calling it "Bean", as in coffee bean, and telling me to take it home.  Well that just wasn't going to happen, but I did hold it every time it came around to visit.

Becky had church duties on Wednesday evening, so she wasn't able to join me until Thursday morning. She was with me throughout the Long, Long Wait, so being able to camp in The Cup for the first time was special for her too.  We quickly found out that we didn't have to do the "dance" around each other inside the Scotty like we have to do inside the T@B.  It was so nice to be in separate beds too . . . tee hee!

When working through my wish list in the planning and re-framing stages, I knew exactly where I wanted a TV to be mounted.  On the back side of the tall cabinet, with a swivel arm mounted, Becky and I would be able to watch TV from both beds if we wanted to.  When not in use, the TV is completely out of sight and that was the whole plan all along.

We made a quick trip to Walmart around lunchtime for a few items and before the predicted afternoon storms arrived.  One thing on my shopping list was a folding wooden drying rack similar to what my Sister-friend Rebecca has for the Bookmobile. What I didn't realize was that I would have to put it together. Thank goodness another item on my shopping list was a small hammer . . . LOL!

Those thunderstorms rolled in mid-afternoon and it was a good test of The Cup's water-tightness.  I'm so tickled to report that everything was A-ok . . . no drips, no leaks, not a drop of water to be found!  Sue sat with us throughout the entire storm and it was nice to have room for a visitor to sit and keep the front window open for ventilation.  Add it to the list of reasons I love this camper so much!!

After wiping down the picnic table and putting down plastic to sit on, we joined our neighbors Tink, Tom and Ella for supper.  Bec brought marinated chicken breasts that Tom grilled for us and along with our veggie salad, we had another excellent camping supper.

We both joined Rich and Sue in their T@B called "Happy Camper" for several games of Phase 10 before finally calling it a day and getting ready for Beck's first night in the Scotty. 

I appreciate you coming by today to hear a little more about my maiden Java-Jouney.  I'll see ya back here tomorrow and always remember . . . 

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good!"

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  1. I know Rich and Sue! They have joined us at the TearUptheADK event.