Saturday, June 1, 2013

Travel Right! Travel Light! The Scotty Way!

In the mail yesterday was a thin package that I've been waiting on for days now!  It's a copy of a brand new book by Paul Hecht that deals solely with Serro Scotty travel trailers.

It tells the story of John Serro, from Irwin, PA, who built the very first Scotty trailer from scratch in his barn in 1956 and then hit the road trying to sell his idea to Pennsylvania dealers. Unfortunately, no one bought it, but luckily he didn't give up on his dream.  He went back to the drawing board, re-designed his little trailer, and once again visited dealerships.  By 1959 demand for Scotty trailers was off the charts!

The book is chock full of advertisements, articles, souvenirs from Scotty rallies, company letters, brochures, and photographs of these wonderful trailers.  I have always been on the hunt for information about my 1973 Gaucho and right there on page 57, I saw it for the first time!

Every interior detail in the drawing is spot on and with the exception of the back, curb-side window, the photograph is identical too.

There are five chapters in the book . . . 

1) Serro Scotty History; What's In A Name
2) Scottyland, USA
3) Serro Scotty Timeline
4) If These Trailers Could Talk; Scottys And The People Who Love Them
5) And The Brand Lives On

For all you fellow Scotty owners like Rebecca, Judy, Paula, Liz, Janet, and Lucy, you can find your copy on Amazon.  I'll keep mine in The Coffee Cup just in case you drop by for a visit.

Have a great weekend everyone and always remember . . .

"Camping and Coffee . . . Life Is Good"

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